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We hire only US citizen medical transciptionist that reside in the USA. Our transciptionist are held liable by HIPAA laws. 

This is just one way that we show our professionalism by providing quality medical transcription within the United States. Many of our transciptionist have worked in the medical field for many years as Nurses, physical therapist, chemists, respiratory therapist and the list goes on. These professionals have proven as exceptional medical transciptionist to many of our customers due to their vast experiences. Now these professionals can provide you with exceptional medical transcription because they are able to work expediently from their home.  

Our transcription is very competitive, at only 11 cents per 65 character line.  This is the most accepted way of charging nation-wide.  Other word counting formulas leave you actually paying more for the completed document.

Call Expert Typing today to see how we can competitively provide you with accurate and fast medical transcription that you can rely on time and time again. 

By calling today you will receive a digital dictation machine with connection and software to provide you with control of your dictation, you will never loose a dictation or need to re-dictate an entire physical again, because of a faulty tape or misplaced tapes.  Files can be transcribed within hours of being down loaded. It's easy, fast and convenient. Let us get your medical transcription under control.

Contact Expert Typing to start our service today and get your first 200 lines ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!  Another way, Expert Typing will prove our professionalism to you.

Would you like to know more about a FREE trial period?

E-mail:  tina@experttyping.com
Phone:  208.461.9279
Fax:      208.461.4767


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