Experttyping Application Page.

All information is required, if all required information
is not received your application may be deemed invalid. 


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Please rate your skill level on each software: 
 0= never used it,  5= expert, I know every function within the program.

Microsoft Word Microsoft Power Point
Microsoft Excel Medical Terminology
Microsoft Access Word Perfect
Microsoft Outlook Adobe Photoshop
Microsoft Publisher Windows Media player
Microsoft Imaging Winzip Software (any)

Medical Transcription

Legal Terminology

Please list equipment you possess in your home office.

A computer A lap top
Black/white printer Portable printer
Color printer Regular transcriber
Dot matrix printer Micro transcriber
Laser printer Mini transcriber
Scanner Fax machine
Dialup internet Fax software
Cable internet DSL internet
Digital foot pedal Not used at this time.

Please list any specialties and years experience here.

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